Educació emocional


Together we are preparing for the Erasmus+ Project 'FAST', in which 'Food and Sustainability Thrive'. We are keen to start this science project with each other about sustainability, specifivally ecology and the production of food in our regions.

The students will compare the diverse (ecological) circumstances concerning food production with our partner schools. The teachers will compare their teaching methods to those of the their colleagues at the pratner schools, with the students as 'judges'.

We all believe in the success of this project.

Our partners are:

Gimnazija LEDINA ( in Slovenia.

SIS Caterina Percoto ( in Italy.

AEJAC (http://WWW.ESTAVIRA.COM) in Portugal

Frederiks skole ( in Denmark.

Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Libuszy ( in Poland.

Leni Valk Real Schule ( in Germany.

Zwijsen College Veghel (